Q: What does 50+ Relocation do?
A: Fifty Plus Relocation is an dedicated Home to Home Downsizing service. We work with individuals and the independent retirement sector.

Q: Why should we choose Fifty Plus Relocation Limited?
A: We are a Nationwide service. Our experience shows in our compassion and thoroughness. We have extensive experience of moving house and our backgrounds range from estate agency, property development, project management, the health industry and teaching. We listen.

Q: What will I do with all those valuables and antique furniture that will no longer fit into my new home?
A: We will help you sort through your possessions and can visit you in your home to go through things with you.

Q: How will I sort my clothes?
A: When is the last time you wore it? Does it fit? Do you like it? Will you wear it? Is it comfortable? Will you ever get round to adjusting/mending it?

Q: How will I sort the other things?
A : We will advise you through this.

Q: Do you select the movers or do we?
A: We research the very best removal service for you and find companies that wrap, pack and unpack everything.

Q: How does it all work on Moving In Day?
A: Your Fifty Plus Relocation Move Manager is there all day on Move In Day to oversee things.

Q: How much will it all cost?
A: We offer a Bronze, Silver and Gold service, depending on how many home visits you require. We also offer a la carte range of services to suite your needs. From £500.

Q: Are your services free?
A: We offer a caring service and we are a business.

Q: Are you insured?
A: We are fully insured with public liability insurance. In addition to this, all of our Relocation Move Managers have excellent references and are criminal DBS checked.

Q: What do I do with my pets?
A: We will source and organise Kennels/Cattery on your behalf or we can arrange a pet friendly Short Break UK holiday.

Q: What do we keep until the last minute?
A. We will advise you.

Q: Can I still live in my home on the day of the move?
A: No this is usually your Completion Date. We will advise you and explain how the move process works.

Q: What is most important?
A: To start now! While you are in a position of strength, it is best to take control and start the process. We will assist you every step of the way.

Q: I have lived in my home for 40 years and I think I need extra help with organising before my move, can you help?
A: Absolutely! We appreciate that it is an emotional time as well as sometimes a physical challenge for you.

Q: My son lives eighty miles away and is busy with his family and work commitments. I want to live closer to him because of my health issues. It would give me opportunity to spend more time with my grandchildren, but my son and his family do not have the time to sort out my move, can you help?
A : Of course! Your Fifty Plus Relocation Move Manager will sort everything on your behalf. A detailed action plan will be tailored to meet your individual needs; we will work with you ‘every step of the way’.
We are compassionate and sensitive to each of our Clients’ particular situation. We will offer you our assistance with all the simple and the difficult aspects of your move whether you are downsizing, moving to independent living or to a new home, to be closer to relatives or friends.

Q: I am 53 years old and recently divorced. As a result of this I have a large family home and garden that we lived in for twenty five years. Now, I have decided to downsize and would like to buy a smaller home that is easier to maintain which would also release some capital for me. Currently I work four days a week and do not have the time or the inclination to do this move on my own. Can 50+ Relocation help?
A: Definitely. Your Relocation Move Manager will help you deal with the emotional side of your move.

Q: My mother is going to independent retirement living which has a much smaller living area for her. Can you help her decide what to take? I cannot help her as much as I would like to because I have health problems.
A: We work with your mother, she makes all the decisions and we advise her on everything because we have so much experience.

Q: I would like my parents to start thinking about selling their house before they have a health crisis. Can you help them with just cleaning out their house? How can I help them find a suitable new home?
A: We help them start the process of sorting through their things. As they begin to feel the benefits of right-sizing or downsizing their home. They will recognise the benefits of starting to plan for the future, at a time while they are still able to do so, with the luxury of a relaxed schedule and good health. We are unbiased and supportive.

Q: My step-father died about 8 months ago. The house is now too big and expensive for my mother to stay in much longer. I know she is overwhelmed by dealing with all the paperwork related to his estate. To make it more complicated, this was a second marriage and his children need to be involved in sorting through his personal things. Can you help even if there is no move for about 6 months?
A: Yes. We help by assisting your mother to the immediate concerns of the estate and liaise with her to sort out any other issues.

Q: What is Home Staging?
A: Home staging is the preparation of your home for sale, to give the best first impression to potential buyers.

Q: What does it mean to create a floor plan?
A: 50+ Relocation create a personal floorpan guide, to demonstrate where your furniture will fit. Measurements can be in imperial.

Q: This is a new start for this chapter in my life and I want to have all new furniture and furnishings and a garden where I can sit in the sun surrounded by flowers. Everything small but perfectly formed, can you help?
A: We sources professionals for all your needs.

Q: After you leave, what is left to do?
A: Relax and enjoy your new home! We feel that retirement or moving home and downsizing is time for you to care for yourself more and find that perfect maintenance free lifestyle and that should begin with your move.

We also offer our Memory Book service, we can sort photographs and have your biography written, so that your family history is in one place. Ask for details.

Q: Will you help me settle in my new home?
A: When you are new to an area we gift you a Welcome Pack. Moving is a difficult time. It is hard to leave a home you have lived in for many years with all its memories. Moving is a transition and all transitions contain an element of loss. You are saying goodbye to a part of your life. Expect to feel some grief along with your excitement and anxiety. 50+ Relocation will do everything in its power to help you. We are here to hold your hand every step of the way. We look forward to working with you.